Influential Movie Directors


A movie director is the man behind all the work related to making a successful movie. It can be an easy or a difficult job at the same time. When you have a great team of production and cast, the job of being a director becomes a lot easier. Other than that, pulling an entire movie by the director is very rare and extreme difficult job. From the beginning of filmmaking, we have seen many movie directors who have mesmerized the audience with their amazing work. They have influenced the movie making industry since the beginning. Let’s have a look at some of those movie directors

Martin Scorsese

He probably is one of the greatest movie directors of all time and among those who are alive, he is arguably the best. His genius craftwork have influenced the whole concept of movie making in many ways. His style of movie making has started a new era in Hollywood cinema. Some of his great works are raging bull, Goodfellas and Boogie Nights. People loved every movie directed by this magician. It is hoped that he will continue his good work in moviemaking. One of the key attribute of his character is that, he is very ambitious about his creation and he wants perfection in every piece of work.

Federico Fellini

Another great movie director who has always been greatly acclaimed by critics. The style of his filmmaking is truly amazing and he does a great job every time. One of the key element of his movie is the sequence of plot and scripts. He displays it on the screen beautifully each and every time. His style of filmmaking has inspired many directors. When it comes to influential directors, Fellini surely will remain on the tops spots.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney has truly changed the term cartoon or animation in the history of movie making. He started a new type of movie making and made it popular within a short time. The market he created with animation movies still is one of the most potential market of the world. He certainly influenced the generation and the directors about animation movies. Some of his classics are Cinderella, Bambi and Alice in Wonderland. Modern animation production house like Pixar or DreamWorks may not even exists if Walt Disney hadn’t taken those steps. The Hollywood movie industry will always remain grateful to him for his work.


Arika Kurosawa

Masterpieces like Ran, Seven Samurai and Kagemusha are the movies directed by this influential Japanese director. The impact Arika made on the movie world is almost hard to describe in words. The movies about war was started by this amazing director. He displayed the true image of War and violence. Modern movie like Lord of the Rings, Braveheart are inspired by his class of filmmaking. Arika truly introduced a kind of movie making and he was praised all over the world for his amazing work.

So above are some directors who influenced the movie making industry in many aspects. There are also other who have their contribution as well.