Influential Movies You Should Watch


The invention of motion picture was around 1900 and it was a long time ago. Since then motion pictures has played an important role in shaping our society and behavior. Without any doubt cinemas play an influential role in our life and our society. Some movies have forced the society to think about new things and motivated people to do that. So cinemas can be a powerful tool to shape our thinking and our ethics. The last century has given us many influential movies like that and here is a short list of those movies.

The Birth of a Nation

Charlie Chaplin started to act in movies in 1914 and he acted in many movies in that year. Just a year before that another movie was released named Birth of a Nation. Directed by D.W Griffith, this movie is a masterpiece is every aspect. The art and portrayal of this movie cannot be described in some sentences. The language of a movie was discover by this movie and this movie left some amazing lesson for human minds. This movie was greatly appreciated by filmmakers around the world and still is.

The Jazz Singer

Another influential movie which was released in 1927. After this movie, the art of filmmaking was never the same. The silent films entered a new era of film making. This was a true masterpiece and every audience of that time loved that movie. This movie made many things possible during that time. Some said that the music of that movie somehow destroyed the art of a silent movie. However if you are fan of classic movie, you should definitely watch this one. This was one of the most critically discussed movie of that time.

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

This was an amazing Disney production came in the year of 1937. An animated movie which greatly influenced the history of animation movies in Hollywood. It is said to be one of best animated movies of Hollywood. However during the time when people used to watch short cartoon, this was something new to them. Disney took the concept of cartoon seriously for the first time and made this amazing animated film. Since then there has been hundreds of animation movies and all are somehow influenced by this masterpiece. The complex characters and animation made this movie an all-time classic.


Citizen Kane

This was another movie which came in 1941 and was a true masterpiece in every sense. It started a new era for Hollywood movie. The true emerging of art and craftiness was displayed in this movie. The dialogue, the scripts, acting everything was amazing this movie. Filmmakers around the world were greatly influenced by this masterpiece. This movie is considered one of the greatest of all time.

Above are few cinemas which greatly influenced the flow of film making. There are some other honorary mentions like Shadows, Star Wars, Toy Story and many more. These movies are still considered best of all time of film making history.