Best Summer Movies You Should Watch


The choice of movies sometimes depends on your mood and sometimes on weather. The bright sunny days of summer will surely encourage you to watch some all-time classics or may be upcoming movies. If you are in a mood to watch some summer time movies here is a list for you to make things simpler. All the movies in this list are currently available in DVDs of Netflix, so you should not find it difficult to collect those.


The time after someone has just graduated from High School can be a bit tough. This transition phase is often awkward to most teens. And if someone is planning to stay at home to pass these time, it wouldn’t help a bit. This is a small synopsis of a great summer time movie named Adventureland. Starting Kristen Stewart and Eisenberg. This acting is superb by the cast and this movie has got an amazing script. You should keep this movie in your to watch list for this summer. This movie is a sort of reminder to your early school days and you will love watching it.

American Graffiti

This is another movie which is also a transition themed. The struggle of summer high school is beautifully portrayed in this movie. This Richard Dreyfuss starter movie is highly acclaimed by the critics and you will definitely love watching it. This movie will bring back some sweet memories of your early days and it is indeed a nostalgic film. This is also one of the highest grossing Hollywood movie with a low production budget. Making it one of the most profitable movies of all time. American Graffiti is one movie you shouldn’t miss in this summer time.


The Talented Mr. Ripley

Another movie which you should watch this summer. This movie is about a man named Top Ripley and his relation with an American couple. How Mr. Ripley influence the life of this troubled couple is the main theme of this movie. This movie shows some beautiful location of the world. The thrill is amazing to say the least and you will definitely enjoy watching this one. Casting includes Hollywood stars like Jude Law and Gweneth Paltrow. This is said to be a Hitchcockan thriller for its beautiful and amazing script.

I know what you did Last Summer

You may have already heard about this movie. The team of Scream has made this horror genre movie which was greatly acclaimed by movie lovers. Screenwriter Williamson has written this movie and it was a hit of that summer. This movie is based on a day which turned into a horrible nightmare for some teens. The title itself is a spoiler for this movie but you will love watching it nonetheless. This movie is enjoyable you will love watching this one with your friends.

So above are some summer movies for you to enjoy this summer. There are plenty more to watch if you have enough movie watching time during this summer.