Greatest Movies Went Without Oscars

Academy award is the highest form of recognition for any film directors. It is the most prestigious award in film industry. Every year some selected movies win Oscar award, but this award is not for everyone. Only the very best in the industry will receive this. However every once in while there comes a movie which you think should win every possible award but never gets anything. It can be a surprise for many movie critics that how come this movie didn’t get an academy award. So here is list of some of the greatest movies which never got an Oscar award


Citizen Kane

Every movie lover knows about this movie. It is one of the of the greatest film ever made. This masterpiece is one of the most iconic film in Hollywood movie industry. But surprisingly, this movie didn’t get an academy award. It was quite a surprise for many movie critiques that this movie lost its award to ‘How Green Was My Valley’. May be the judge during that time didn’t know how great the movie was. After so many years people still wonder how this movie missed an award like Oscar.


Another masterpiece which went without Oscar during that time. There is no argument about the greatness of this movie. It is simply an work of perfection by legendary director Hitchcock. He is one of most influential and skilled director of all time. The movie vertigo has always been critically acclaimed and still today this movie is rated one of the best film ever made. But nonetheless, this great movie went empty handed after wining an Oscar nomination. Vertigo is certainly one of the biggest surprise when it comes to missing the academy award.

Double Indemnity

This movie has always remained in the top position when it comes to Film Noirs genre. Going My Way was the movie that beat this great movie in the Oscar ceremony, quite a surprise isn’t it? A film Double Indemnity losing its award to a movie which most of the people may never heard of. The film was quite underrated after it was released. But as the time went by and more people watched this masterpiece, people came to realize how great this movie is. A film like Double Indemnity not winning any academy award is still a surprise for many movie critique.


Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino is arguably the most talented director in Hollywood film industry. He has left his mark in every film he has made. His movies are unconventional and hard to get. However his work with Pulp Fiction was exceptional in every sense. The impact this movie made during that time to the culture is something you cant ignore. However this movie went without any major award during that time.

There are also some other surprises like Fargo, DDL starer There will be Blood, The Graduate and Chinatown. All of these films deserved an Oscar but failed to get any.