Top 5 Tom Hanks Movies


Without any doubt Tom Hanks is one of the most talented actor in Hollywood. He has left his mark in every movie he has ever worked in. He is one of the few methodical actor of Hollywood and he is certainly very good at it. He works hard for every role and it can be seen on the screen. He has given many memorable performances in his carrier as an actor. He has been nominated 5 times for the Academy Award. He is very versatile with his acting and on screen performance. Here is a list of top 5 performance of Tom Hanks as an actor.

Saving Private Ryan

This movie has been one of the finest film based on second world war. The credits mostly go to amazing performance by Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks has always been a favorite choice for legendary director Steven Spielberg. Saving Private Ryan was released back in 1998 and still considered one the finest movie by Spielberg and Tom Hanks. He gave a memorable performance which mesmerized the audience. This movie also earned him an Oscar nomination. People still remember the cool captain played by Tom Hanks till date.

Cast Away

One lonely man lost in an island without any single trace of life. The struggle was real and it was amazing performance by Tom Hanks. Methodical actors always try to do something different with each movie they work on. Cast Away was a different type of movie for Tom Hanks. But he played the character with all his heart and his performance earned him another Oscar nomination. It was an unforgettable performance by Tom Hanks. This movie and his acting was liked by audience and was critically acclaimed. The struggle of worst scenario was beautifully portrayed by Tom Hanks in Cast Away.


Tom Hanks has a great hold in comedy roles. He has done great in each comedy role he has ever worked on. But the movie Philadelphia demanded a different role from him and he certainly gave his best in that role. Till date his performance in this movie is considered one of the finest in Hollywood. Philadelphia was one of the few movies which shows the struggle of Homosexuals in society. Playing a role which is entirely different from his character was difficult for him. But he played it beautifully and his performance was amazing in that movie.


Forrest Gump

You probably have seen this movie a lot of time. There is nothing more to say about this movie which has changed the carrier of Tom Hanks as an actor. The character of Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump is one of the most iconic role in Hollywood. Once again Tom Hanks played something different from his character and once again he was successful.

Captain Phillips

Another great performance by Tom Hanks. This movie was nominated for Academy Award in several categories. Tom Hanks performance as the Captain was amazing in every aspect. His acting talent was yet again proved with Captain Phillips.