Greatest Movies Went Without Oscars

Academy award is the highest form of recognition for any film directors. It is the most prestigious award in film industry. Every year some selected movies win Oscar award, but this award is not for everyone. Only the very best in the industry will receive this. However every once in while there comes a movie which you think should win every possible award but never gets anything. It can be a surprise for many movie critics that how come this movie didn’t get an academy award. So here is list of some of the greatest movies which never got an Oscar award


Citizen Kane

Every movie lover knows about this movie. It is one of the of the greatest film ever made. This masterpiece is one of the most iconic film in Hollywood movie industry. But surprisingly, this movie didn’t get an academy award. It was quite a surprise for many movie critiques that this movie lost its award to ‘How Green Was My Valley’. May be the judge during that time didn’t know how great the movie was. After so many years people still wonder how this movie missed an award like Oscar.


Another masterpiece which went without Oscar during that time. There is no argument about the greatness of this movie. It is simply an work of perfection by legendary director Hitchcock. He is one of most influential and skilled director of all time. The movie vertigo has always been critically acclaimed and still today this movie is rated one of the best film ever made. But nonetheless, this great movie went empty handed after wining an Oscar nomination. Vertigo is certainly one of the biggest surprise when it comes to missing the academy award.

Double Indemnity

This movie has always remained in the top position when it comes to Film Noirs genre. Going My Way was the movie that beat this great movie in the Oscar ceremony, quite a surprise isn’t it? A film Double Indemnity losing its award to a movie which most of the people may never heard of. The film was quite underrated after it was released. But as the time went by and more people watched this masterpiece, people came to realize how great this movie is. A film like Double Indemnity not winning any academy award is still a surprise for many movie critique.


Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino is arguably the most talented director in Hollywood film industry. He has left his mark in every film he has made. His movies are unconventional and hard to get. However his work with Pulp Fiction was exceptional in every sense. The impact this movie made during that time to the culture is something you cant ignore. However this movie went without any major award during that time.

There are also some other surprises like Fargo, DDL starer There will be Blood, The Graduate and Chinatown. All of these films deserved an Oscar but failed to get any.

Best Summer Movies You Should Watch


The choice of movies sometimes depends on your mood and sometimes on weather. The bright sunny days of summer will surely encourage you to watch some all-time classics or may be upcoming movies. If you are in a mood to watch some summer time movies here is a list for you to make things simpler. All the movies in this list are currently available in DVDs of Netflix, so you should not find it difficult to collect those.


The time after someone has just graduated from High School can be a bit tough. This transition phase is often awkward to most teens. And if someone is planning to stay at home to pass these time, it wouldn’t help a bit. This is a small synopsis of a great summer time movie named Adventureland. Starting Kristen Stewart and Eisenberg. This acting is superb by the cast and this movie has got an amazing script. You should keep this movie in your to watch list for this summer. This movie is a sort of reminder to your early school days and you will love watching it.

American Graffiti

This is another movie which is also a transition themed. The struggle of summer high school is beautifully portrayed in this movie. This Richard Dreyfuss starter movie is highly acclaimed by the critics and you will definitely love watching it. This movie will bring back some sweet memories of your early days and it is indeed a nostalgic film. This is also one of the highest grossing Hollywood movie with a low production budget. Making it one of the most profitable movies of all time. American Graffiti is one movie you shouldn’t miss in this summer time.


The Talented Mr. Ripley

Another movie which you should watch this summer. This movie is about a man named Top Ripley and his relation with an American couple. How Mr. Ripley influence the life of this troubled couple is the main theme of this movie. This movie shows some beautiful location of the world. The thrill is amazing to say the least and you will definitely enjoy watching this one. Casting includes Hollywood stars like Jude Law and Gweneth Paltrow. This is said to be a Hitchcockan thriller for its beautiful and amazing script.

I know what you did Last Summer

You may have already heard about this movie. The team of Scream has made this horror genre movie which was greatly acclaimed by movie lovers. Screenwriter Williamson has written this movie and it was a hit of that summer. This movie is based on a day which turned into a horrible nightmare for some teens. The title itself is a spoiler for this movie but you will love watching it nonetheless. This movie is enjoyable you will love watching this one with your friends.

So above are some summer movies for you to enjoy this summer. There are plenty more to watch if you have enough movie watching time during this summer.




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Influential Movies You Should Watch


The invention of motion picture was around 1900 and it was a long time ago. Since then motion pictures has played an important role in shaping our society and behavior. Without any doubt cinemas play an influential role in our life and our society. Some movies have forced the society to think about new things and motivated people to do that. So cinemas can be a powerful tool to shape our thinking and our ethics. The last century has given us many influential movies like that and here is a short list of those movies.

The Birth of a Nation

Charlie Chaplin started to act in movies in 1914 and he acted in many movies in that year. Just a year before that another movie was released named Birth of a Nation. Directed by D.W Griffith, this movie is a masterpiece is every aspect. The art and portrayal of this movie cannot be described in some sentences. The language of a movie was discover by this movie and this movie left some amazing lesson for human minds. This movie was greatly appreciated by filmmakers around the world and still is.

The Jazz Singer

Another influential movie which was released in 1927. After this movie, the art of filmmaking was never the same. The silent films entered a new era of film making. This was a true masterpiece and every audience of that time loved that movie. This movie made many things possible during that time. Some said that the music of that movie somehow destroyed the art of a silent movie. However if you are fan of classic movie, you should definitely watch this one. This was one of the most critically discussed movie of that time.

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

This was an amazing Disney production came in the year of 1937. An animated movie which greatly influenced the history of animation movies in Hollywood. It is said to be one of best animated movies of Hollywood. However during the time when people used to watch short cartoon, this was something new to them. Disney took the concept of cartoon seriously for the first time and made this amazing animated film. Since then there has been hundreds of animation movies and all are somehow influenced by this masterpiece. The complex characters and animation made this movie an all-time classic.


Citizen Kane

This was another movie which came in 1941 and was a true masterpiece in every sense. It started a new era for Hollywood movie. The true emerging of art and craftiness was displayed in this movie. The dialogue, the scripts, acting everything was amazing this movie. Filmmakers around the world were greatly influenced by this masterpiece. This movie is considered one of the greatest of all time.

Above are few cinemas which greatly influenced the flow of film making. There are some other honorary mentions like Shadows, Star Wars, Toy Story and many more. These movies are still considered best of all time of film making history.

Influential Movie Directors


A movie director is the man behind all the work related to making a successful movie. It can be an easy or a difficult job at the same time. When you have a great team of production and cast, the job of being a director becomes a lot easier. Other than that, pulling an entire movie by the director is very rare and extreme difficult job. From the beginning of filmmaking, we have seen many movie directors who have mesmerized the audience with their amazing work. They have influenced the movie making industry since the beginning. Let’s have a look at some of those movie directors

Martin Scorsese

He probably is one of the greatest movie directors of all time and among those who are alive, he is arguably the best. His genius craftwork have influenced the whole concept of movie making in many ways. His style of movie making has started a new era in Hollywood cinema. Some of his great works are raging bull, Goodfellas and Boogie Nights. People loved every movie directed by this magician. It is hoped that he will continue his good work in moviemaking. One of the key attribute of his character is that, he is very ambitious about his creation and he wants perfection in every piece of work.

Federico Fellini

Another great movie director who has always been greatly acclaimed by critics. The style of his filmmaking is truly amazing and he does a great job every time. One of the key element of his movie is the sequence of plot and scripts. He displays it on the screen beautifully each and every time. His style of filmmaking has inspired many directors. When it comes to influential directors, Fellini surely will remain on the tops spots.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney has truly changed the term cartoon or animation in the history of movie making. He started a new type of movie making and made it popular within a short time. The market he created with animation movies still is one of the most potential market of the world. He certainly influenced the generation and the directors about animation movies. Some of his classics are Cinderella, Bambi and Alice in Wonderland. Modern animation production house like Pixar or DreamWorks may not even exists if Walt Disney hadn’t taken those steps. The Hollywood movie industry will always remain grateful to him for his work.


Arika Kurosawa

Masterpieces like Ran, Seven Samurai and Kagemusha are the movies directed by this influential Japanese director. The impact Arika made on the movie world is almost hard to describe in words. The movies about war was started by this amazing director. He displayed the true image of War and violence. Modern movie like Lord of the Rings, Braveheart are inspired by his class of filmmaking. Arika truly introduced a kind of movie making and he was praised all over the world for his amazing work.

So above are some directors who influenced the movie making industry in many aspects. There are also other who have their contribution as well.