How to Prevent Carpet Fading?

Despite several cleaning sessions and maintaining the carpet throughout the year, we have often seen that the carpets get faded. Now, the question is why carpet fades? Is it because of not cleaning? Well, sometimes cleaning is associated with the carpet fading, but sometimes we just don’t do some basic preventive measures. There can be multiple reasons for carpet fading. However, the good news is that it can be prevented in some simple way.

Regular Cleaning

If the carpet is not cleaned regularly, then there is a high possibility that it will be faded. The dirt settles down on the fiber slowly if not cleaned. This hampers the fabric of the carpet and that ultimately leads to fading. However, regular cleaning of the carpet and once a while deep cleaning from the professional services such as would ensure that the carpet is not faded. However, it is to be ensured that strong chemicals are not used during cleaning. One should either use homemade cleaning agents or professionally recommended cleaning agents for cleaning purposes. This would protect the fabric of the carpet.

Use of Rugs

Rugs can be effectively used to stop the damage of the carpet. Rugs can be placed at the places where footfall is more. This would further filter the dust and dirt on the carpet. One can even use door mates to check the amount of dust entering the home as well.

Move from Sunlight

Sunlight can be a reason for the fading of carpet. If your carpet is directly exposed to the sunlight then it is time to move it from the direct sunlight. However, if you don’t have space and you can’t really mode your carpet, then you can use drapes to lower the intensity of the sun. Drapes on the windows are not only helpful for lowering down the sun but also great home décor. So, it is a win-win situation. However, the drapes can reduce the amount of light entering into the room as well. There are people who would not prefer that.

UV Blocking Window Sheet

Sometimes, the drapes are not enough to block the sun. The UV blocking window sheets can be very useful in such cases. The sheet can be installed on the windows directly. So, you can have the light unlike drapes and you can also lower down the intensity of the sun. This is considered even a better solution. Carpet fading can be significantly reduced with the UV blocking sheets on the window.

Solar Shades

Now UV Sheets are costly and there can be a cost-affordability issue with that. There is another simple solution to it. One can install solar shades on the top of the window. These solar shades are just the brilliance of engineering and popular since ancient ages. This can reduce the amount of sun entering into the room. So, you have a subtle amount of light and lesser intensity. So, the carpet does not get fade away.

Carpet fading is a common problem and interestingly with very common solutions.