List of Highly Educated Celebrities

We often think that the celebrities we watch on the big screen have minimum education. However, it is just a misconception. There are many highly educated actors in the industry. The glamour doesn’t always contradict with education. Someone can still mesmerize with their acting ability along with pursing a higher degree in education. Celebrities are not always college dropouts or with a distressing past. The showbiz industry is a hard place to be, where educational background is never the priority.

Yet some of the stars listed below has completed higher education before or while working in this industry.


Ashely Judd

Ashely Judd is well known for her famous roles in some great movies. She has proven her acting ability with some great acting in many movies. She is certainly one the most talented actress in Hollywood and when it comes to education, she is equally smart. She has completed her graduation from University of Kentucky. She also has a major degree in French. She has also pursued higher education from Harvard’s School of Government in Public Administration. Being a great actress she also managed to complete her education. When it comes to highly educated celebrities, Ashely Judd is certainly on the top of the list.

Dolph Lundgren

He is well known for his tough roles in many movies. Along with acting he has completed his training in martial arts. This Swedish actor is also known for his higher education. He has completed his graduation in Chemistry from Washington State University. He has also achieved a master degree from university of Sydney. It is quite amazing that an action figure like him is very close to science education. It was during his education phase while he got his big roles in Hollywood and has done well ever since.

Rowan Atkinson

It is hard to find someone who doesn’t know about Rowan Atkinson. He is well known for his comic role as Mr. Bean. His crazy comedy acting has been praised all over the world. Being a great actor, he is also a very smart person. He has a bachelor degree in electrical engineering. He was quite active in the drama association while studying in Oxford University. His iconic role Mr. Bean has brought extraordinary fame for him. Being a great comedy actor he has worked in some Hollywood films. He has also done standup comedies and he was brilliant in those sketch.


Meryl Streep

When it comes to celebrities with the most successful carrier in the film industry, Meryl Streep will certainly be on the top of the list. She has won every possible awards for her brilliant acting in many iconic roles. Her talent in acting beyond question. However, working in film industry hasn’t stopped her from pursing higher education. She has completed her education from Yale School of Drama. She also has honorable doctorate degree. She has a successful carrier in both acting and educational carrier. Meryl Streep is certainly an idol for newcomers in film industry.